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vendredi 12 février 2010

Challenge #4 : Bashful (timide)

WOOHOO!!! Challenge #4 is here!!!

Challenge: Use the below sketch and have hidden journaling.

Sketch: Tara created this fun sketch for you.


Treasure hunt letters:
1. P
2. Go to Ann's blog
3. Go to Guylaine's blog
4. Go to Darlene's blog
5. Go to Tara's blog

Save these letters... gather one every Friday and Tuesday! At the end of the month, unscramble them and email me the secret word!!
You can play in the treasure hunt EVEN if you don't get any scrapping done! :) Good luck!

When you complete this challenge, either email it to me ( with DOPEY in the title, or load it into the LCOM gallery. And be SURE TO LEAVE A COMMENT HERE stating that you completed it! :)
Good luck, and HAPPY SCRAPPING!

Don't forget to go to Tara's blog to get your 5th letter! ^_^

2 commentaires:

Aange a dit...

hey toi ! Va falloir que tu prennes 5 minutes pour m'expliquer ca en francais "capture these sketch". Je comprends le principe (enfin je pense) mais je ne suis pas certaine de tout !!

Cookie Aguilar a dit...

hi!!! wow your work is Gorgeous!!! love browsing your blog!!! thanks for sharing them!!! See yah around!